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What it Means to be a Light Follow

Following, Social Dancing

Being a light follow has nothing to do with weight.  You can be 200 pounds and light as a feather, or you can be 100 pounds and feel like my apartment’s refrigerator. You can have gorgeous style and be capable of 100…

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Dancing and Depression

Dance Discussions

I read a heartbreaking Facebook post today. Through a friend’s post I learned that a beautiful, vibrant and well-loved dancer in his scene took her own life. To be clear, I never met this girl. All that I know about…

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The Underappreciated Skill: Following

Following, Social Dancing

Have you ever been in a dance class where the follows have been told to ‘Just Follow’? Have you ever heard someone told that follows have it so much easier because they ‘Just Follow’? Have you ever heard a female…