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Are you a Pinball Lead?

Leading, Social Dancing

Pinball Lead: a lead who does not let the follow finish a movement before launching into the next one. I have come across many Pinball Leads in my time. They can be a newer or older dancer, outgoing or shy, kind…

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What you can Gain from Every Type of Dance Partner

Social Dancing

Everyone has their favourite social dance partners – which is awesome. Sometimes we just get those oh-so-sweet, buttery smooth dances that make us feel amazing all over. However, it is important to remember that (almost) every partner you encounter has…

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What ‘Mindful Practice’ Means

Workshops & Classes

Mindful Practice: the art of practicing while consistently mentally present. In the context of mindfully practicing your dance, it means practicing every movement with mental presence. Mindful practice is a skill that is both critical to becoming a great dancer,…

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Becoming a Generous Dancer

Inspirational, Social Dancing

A generous dancer is one who shares their love of dancing with the world – whatever that world may be. The Performer does this through tireless dedication to their craft, resulting in breathtaking performances of (near) perfection. The Teacher does…

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New Years Resolution: Recognizing Our Dance Inspirations

Fun Stuff

We have a lot of inspirations in the dance scene. Inspirational performers, social dancers, and personalities. People we admire for their dancing, and people we admire for who they are. With the new year approaching, many of us are making new…

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Going to Fuse? Do It Right – Please!

Dance Discussions

So… about 5 minutes ago I saw a video. It was supposedly ‘Bachata’. What it really was consisted of an out-of-control diamond, a badly executed lateral, a rough chicote, and a couple other things. Basically, it was horridly executed Brazilian Zouk. It…