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Cultural Appropriation and Dance

Dance Discussions

There has been a lot of discussion in various dance forums about how certain people shouldn’t dance certain things, because it is cultural appropriation. Whether it’s Salsa, Zouk, Belly Dance, Kizomba, Bachata, etc., there seems to be a strong sense…

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9 Ways Dance Floors are like a Movie

Fun Stuff

Sometimes, we may liken our dance floor experiences with sitcoms, romantic dramas, or flat out horror movies. Here’s a list of 9 behaviors or dancers who fully support that the dance floor is, in fact, a movie.

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Fun Stuff

I recently got back from touring Europe for Zouk. It was the first time I had danced outside of Canada for Zouk, and also the first time I met so many “big names” in such close quarters. Back home in…

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No, Yours Isn’t Better Than Mine

Dance Discussions

One of the few times I got myself out to Lindy Hop, a very astounding thing happened. First off, I’m definitely a beginner when it comes to Lindy Hop. Of course, I can dance… which gives me a bit of a head…

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“Just Follow!”

Following, Social Dancing

Recently, there was a question on Facebook that caught my interest. Loosely, it asked if a follow should compensate when the leader does something wrong, or ONLY follow what was led. This is a reasonable enough question, but some of…

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That Awkward Moment…

Etiquette, Social Dancing

It happens to everyone, albeit for different reasons. Because I am quite tall for a lady, often for me it involves a significant height difference between my partner and I.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy close dances with men…

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The Descriptor Chain

Fun Stuff

Whenever I meet someone new, the inevitable question of “what do you do for fun?” comes up. Usually, the first thing that I say is “I am a dancer, and that’s usually what I do with my nights.” Usually, the…

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Dance Crushes

Etiquette, Fun Stuff, Social Dancing

It’s like high school all over again. Your eyes meet the back of their body across a crowded room and you feel your face flush just a little more than being sweaty from dancing usually makes it. Cause, seriously, my goodness can…

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New-Dance High

Beginner-Friendly, Social Dancing

I have been social dancing now for at least four years. It’s become a major part of my life, including crazy commutes, late nights, and a lack of sleep. Out of those years, there is one particular one that is…

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A message to all performers!

Performance & Competition

Dear Performers, I love you guys. Seriously. Not everyone has the kohonas to get up on stage, strut their stuff, and be brave enough to risk making a fool of oneself on stage. It’s great! It’s fantastic! Besides, unless it’s a…