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Why SWOUKING is Worth It

Dance Discussions, Social Dancing

I have two main dance loves: Brazilian Zouk and West Coast Swing. There are certainly other styles that I adore, but none that quite captured my heart as deeply as these two. Zouk, with its flowing, deeply connected sensuality, creativity…

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Why do I Perform?

Performance & Competition

When I was three years old, I was in my first play. I was a Christmas Gift.  My costume was literally a box with holes for my head, arms, and feet. The idea of having the young kids play Christmas…

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Sexual vs. Sensual vs. Sexy

Dance Discussions

A couple is embracing on the dance floor. The follow’s hips are swaying side to side as the lead signals just how to move. The music is deep and strong, pulsing through the dancers’ interpretations of rhythm, lyrics, and melody….

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6 Reasons You Should Dance Zouk

Dance Discussions, Social Dancing

There are countless reasons why dancing (in any form) is something you should have in your life. But there is something special about Zouk – something that captivates the soul. So, here are 6 reasons you should dance Zouk: 1. The Music. It…

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How to Steal a Dance Heart

Inspirational, Social Dancing

My dance heart is something very precious to me, and only a select few partners every get to keep a part of it. Those dancers I remember forever; the moments danced with them are permanently blazed in my memory. So,…

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The 2 Types of Social Dance Partners

Etiquette, Social Dancing

On the social dance floor, there are two distinct groups that a lead or a follow will fall into. At its base level, a social dance will be either “Comfortable” or “Uncomfortable”. It doesn’t matter what level you dance at, you…