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Fun Stuff

I recently got back from touring Europe for Zouk. It was the first time I had danced outside of Canada for Zouk, and also the first time I met so many “big names” in such close quarters. Back home in…

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No, Yours Isn’t Better Than Mine

Dance Discussions

One of the few times I got myself out to Lindy Hop, a very astounding thing happened. First off, I’m definitely a beginner when it comes to Lindy Hop. Of course, I can dance… which gives me a bit of a head…

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“Just Follow!”

Following, Social Dancing

Recently, there was a question on Facebook that caught my interest. Loosely, it asked if a follow should compensate when the leader does something wrong, or ONLY follow what was led. This is a reasonable enough question, but some of…

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That Awkward Moment…

Etiquette, Social Dancing

It happens to everyone, albeit for different reasons. Because I am quite tall for a lady, often for me it involves a significant height difference between my partner and I.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy close dances with men…

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The Descriptor Chain

Fun Stuff

Whenever I meet someone new, the inevitable question of “what do you do for fun?” comes up. Usually, the first thing that I say is “I am a dancer, and that’s usually what I do with my nights.” Usually, the…

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Dance Crushes

Etiquette, Fun Stuff, Social Dancing

It’s like high school all over again. Your eyes meet the back of their body across a crowded room and you feel your face flush just a little more than being sweaty from dancing usually makes it. Cause, seriously, my goodness can…

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New-Dance High

Beginner-Friendly, Social Dancing

I have been social dancing now for at least four years. It’s become a major part of my life, including crazy commutes, late nights, and a lack of sleep. Out of those years, there is one particular one that is…

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A message to all performers!

Performance & Competition

Dear Performers, I love you guys. Seriously. Not everyone has the kohonas to get up on stage, strut their stuff, and be brave enough to risk making a fool of oneself on stage. It’s great! It’s fantastic! Besides, unless it’s a…