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Popular Questions Answered by Dance Addicts

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Sometimes, the non-dancers of the world ask us questions that we’re not entirely sure how to answer. These should be simple questions – but somehow our addiction makes them so difficult to answer. “What did you do last night?” Verbal Answer:…

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Embarrassing Dance Moments

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We’ve all been social dancing and had some quirky moments. If we’re lucky, we’ve avoided complete embarrassment. But, not all of us are so lucky. Here are are a few embarrassing moments, courtesy of our fellow social dancers (and me):…

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The ‘Great Dance’ Formula

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I hate to break it to you, but this post isn’t going to be where I give you a magic formula that works with every partner. There’s no universal ‘great dance’ formula. However, every social dancer has their own personal ‘great…

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Dear 1-Year Dancer

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Dear 1-Year Dancer, I’m glad you’ve been with us a year. I’m so happy you’ve been contributing to this wonderful community for a full 12 months. We may need to have a talk soon.