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Graphs that Dancers Can Relate To

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Dancers are a little bit different. We spend our nights doing crazy things. We spend our days thinking about spending our nights doing crazy things. We travel around the world to dance for a weekend – and many of us don’t…

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Dancing through Disasters

Dance Discussions

“Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love” – Martin Luther King Jr. By this time, I’m sure that most of the dance world has…

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Sensual Bachata: Appreciation or Appropriation?

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There has been a storm recently about the ‘legitimacy’ of Sensual Bachata as a type of Bachata dance. It started with a video, which called out Daniel and Desiree and other notable Sensual Bachata dancers for their use of ‘LambaZouk’…

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Boundary Setting 101

Beginner-Friendly, Etiquette, Social Dancing

Social Dancing: the perfect space for safe, physical contact with partners. The place where it’s OK to be super close to your partner, with no romantic or sexual inclinations. For most people who have been social dancing for a long…

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10 Partner Dance Myths

Beginner-Friendly, Fun Stuff, Social Dancing

It’s time to dispel some myths about partner dancing. I’ve covered some before, like the idea of learning by social dancing or the idea of right and wrong. But, that’s far from the only misconception or myth that exists about social…

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Dancing on Default

Following, Leading, Social Dancing

Have you ever felt like your leading is a bit ‘boring’ and is stuck on autopilot? Do you default to the same movement set, regardless of music? Follows, do you ever find yourself just ‘going through the motions’ on a step?…