Sharing Articles (Legal Stuff)

For any photos on The Dancing Grapevine, please seek permission prior to use 🙂

For any of the articles on The Dancing Grapevine, you are allowed to:

  • Share or copy the article however you’d like, and
  • Remix, quote, translate, adapt, or build on the material

As long as you:

  • Give appropriate credit to the author (including a link to the original article, if online),
  • Indicate if changes were made,
  • Aren’t using the material for commercial gain (to make money), and
  • Don’t place any additional restrictions on the re-sharing of the new work.


Creative Commons License

This is called a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

If learning about things like this interest you and would like more information, you can visit the Creative Commons Corporation.

For those readers out there who own their own blogs or similar pages, I highly suggest taking a look at creative commons licensing. It’s free to use, and can help protect your works exactly how you’d like. For example, you can give permission for sharing or translating your work without making it open for completely public use!