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Canada Zouk Congress 2017

Brazilian Zouk Dance event (Congress) Toronto, ON, Canada
17 May 2017 - 22 May 2017

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Abhi Khanna
United States
"My first congress and this was the best experience ever. Grew both in heart and soul Can't wait for the next time."
12 days ago
Nicholas Chang
"The event was great! But the party bus smelled like bleach , cleaning supplies"
22 days ago
Erica Armstrong
"Good overall but super similar to last year, cirque de Zouk was similar and all the themes were not only identical but o..."

22 days ago
Kaylyn Morton
"Loved it all"
23 days ago
Joe Gaglione

"So good thank you"
23 days ago
Asta Wylie
United States
"This was one of the best experiences of my life! I just wish the lead to follow balance was closer."
23 days ago
Darya Elizabeth
United States
"loved going to CZC17! I wouldn't miss a year!"
23 days ago
Cori Becker
"I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The schedule was so thoughtful and allowed me to do as much as possible. Thanks!!!"
23 days ago
Joupin Gh
"One of the best Congress I've been , very well executed and perfectly organized"
23 days ago
Jeeheh Oh
United States
"Great experience"
23 days ago
JC Arzaga
"A total experience. This congress is a MUST for those who want to also grow within the heart and soul."
23 days ago
Colin Campbell II
Toronto, ON Canada
"Great experience!"
23 days ago
Yassaman Nouri
Vancouver, BC Canada
"Thank you for another super amazing congress, can't wait for the next one! <3"
23 days ago
Alice Fu
Toronto, ON Canada
"Extremely well organized. The show was fantastic."
23 days ago
Flora Wan
Toronto, ON Canada
"Best zouk congress ever!!! :D"
23 days ago
Patrick Rengifo
Caracas Venezuela
"Great event"
27 days ago
Niko Salgado
Saint Paul, MN United States
"Amazing event!"
39 days ago
Sydney Schiff
New York, NY United States
"This is an amazing congress. Everyone should go!"
40 days ago
Laura Vanderwoude
Toronto, ON Canada
42 days ago
The third Zouk congress in Canada bringing a taste of Rio to Toronto. Seven nights of epic parties. Three days of amazing dance workshops. Bringing International and North American Zouk communities together!

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