What is Danceplace?

Danceplace is a trusted community of dancers. Here, dancers interact and share their dance experiences.

What can I do on Danceplace?

Dancers can:

  • Find, share, ask about, and recommend dance related content.
  • Mark the places and people who you have danced with.
  • See who is dancing where and when, and...
  • Tell and read about dance experiences!
  •

Business owners can:

  • Promote dance related business and event for free.
  • Manage dance events using customized applications for registration, ticketing, room share, ride share, and private lesson booking
  • Engage users and fans.
  • Grow your mobile and social media presence.
  •

How can I join?

Dancers and their parents can join Danceplace. Simply login through your Facebook account. If one of your dancer friends is a member of the Danceplace community, you will be pre-qualified to join. Other applicants will be screened to make sure they are, in fact, a dancer.

Join Danceplace!

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