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The Revival

The Revival

Nov 13 2015 - Nov 15 2015
Malmo, Sweden

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The Revival
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The Revival

The Revival 2015

The Revival


6th edition of The Revival offers classes focus on the original Balboa, Bal-Swing, in addition to other Jazz era social dances. The evening parties all feature live music and offer close to twenty hours of social dancing time.

Genres: Balboa

Cost: Full weekend passes: from 1590 SEK (≈ 170 EUR)

Contact Name: Sweden Balboa Society

Contact Type: Organizer

Location Info


Address: Amiralsgatan 47, Malmo, Sweden, 214 37

Type: Convention Centre

Rock’n Roll Kocken

Address: Bondevägen 8, Lund, Sweden, 227 64

Neighborhood: Malmo

More Info: Venue for the Sunday night after party. The city of Malmö is only about 15 km (9 miles) away.

Type: Restaurant / Cafe

From the Dancing Grapevine

From the Dancing Grapevine