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Salsa of Stars

Salsa of Stars

Jan 30 2015 - Feb 02 2015
London, United Kingdom

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Salsa of Stars
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Salsa of Stars

Salsa of Stars 2015

Salsa of Stars


Featuring 3 days of workshops and social dance parties.

Genres: Salsa

Cost: Full Pass: 80 UK Pound

DJ Playing: Julian 'The Duke', Erik 'The Saint' & Shann

Artists Performers: Tamambo & Elektra, Isaia Leoni & Sissy Mei, Azael & Irina

Location Info

Royal National Hotel

Address: Woburn Place, London, United Kingdom, W1CH ODG

Directions: North side entrance.

More Info: Friday Evening & Sunday Workshops & Evening location.

Type: Hotel

Camden Town Hall

Address: Euston Rd., London, United Kingdom, W1CH 9JE

Directions: Opposite Eurostar’s St Pancras station.

More Info: Saturday Evening location.

Type: Community Center

From the Dancing Grapevine

From the Dancing Grapevine