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NYC Zouk Marathon

NYC Zouk Marathon

Feb 12 2021 - Feb 15 2021
Queens, NY, United States

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This event is postponed due to COVID-19 social distancing.

NYC Zouk Marathon
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NYC Zouk Marathon

NYC Zouk Marathon 2021

NYC Zouk Marathon


★Inspired by the famous European Zouk Marathons ★

Pass Includes:
★FOOD: All of your food needs for the ENTIRE weekend including LUNCH, DINNER, & SNACKS
★WATER: Enough said.
★DANCING: 40+ hours of social dancing all in one venue
★VENUE: great sound system, large dance floor, & lounge space

What is a zouk marathon?
★100% PURE social dancing event
★ALL in ONE venue
★40+ hours of dancing with music from the best Zouk DJ’s
★All of the flavors of Zouk music
★Balanced number is leaders and followers
★NO workshops NO shows NO contests

★Friday, February 13th, 8 PM- 5 AM
★Saturday, February 14th, Noon- 5 AM
★Sunday, February 15th, Noon- 5AM

★Pre-Party @ Solas★
Thursday, February 11th, 9 PM - 2 AM (not included with marathon pass)

3rd Edition of the NYC Zouk Marathon, February 12-15 (holiday weekend- President’s Day)
If you love social dancing, this event is for you! Dance anytime day or night, socialize, lounge, eat/snack/drink— then get back to dancing!




Genres: Brazilian Zouk

Cost: Full Pass: $240

DJ Playing: DJ Jem, DJ Power, DJ Fraga, DJ Viscious

Contact Name: Aramis

Contact Type: Organizer

From the Dancing Grapevine

From the Dancing Grapevine