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Rio Zouk Congress

Rio Zouk Congress

Jan 06 2022 - Jan 16 2022
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Rio Zouk Congress
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Rio Zouk Congress

Rio Zouk Congress 2022

Rio Zouk Congress


The 9th edition of International Rio Zouk Congress presents workshops, competition and social dance with international teachers and performers.

Genres: Brazilian Zouk

Cost: Normal Full Pass: Range from R$ 350,00 to R$ 450

Contact Name: Renata Peçanha

Contact Phone: +55 21 992655035

Contact Type: Organizer

Location Info

Centro Coreográfico

Address: R. Jose Higino, 115 - Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,

Type: Community Center

Tijuca Tênis Clube

Address: Rua Conde de Bonfim, 451 - Tijuca., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 20520-053

Type: Sports venue

Salão de festas

Address: Rua do bispo 160, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,

More Info: Playground

Type: Other

From the Dancing Grapevine

From the Dancing Grapevine