User Accounts

Danceplace uses Facebook authentication for user account creation. All users' passwords are stored in the Facebook platform. This website offers enhanced Content and interactive services to registered users. Danceplace uses the Facebook's development tools to incorporate social networking functionality into its services. Upon signing up on Danceplace, users are asked if they will allow their information stored on the Facebook platform to be shared with Danceplace. A user's acceptance allows Danceplace to access the user's information such as email and friends list. In addition, this acceptance will allow Danceplace to share postings on the user's Facebook. Users have control over what Content from Danceplace is shared on their Facebook.

User Information

Danceplace does not share any user information with any other website or third party organization. All user-generated Content including posts, reviews, ratings, images, and audio/video clips posted on Danceplace are made accessible to members and/or to the public.

Privacy Settings

Danceplace users have the ability to control their preference settings. This control applies to email notifications and to control the information being shared with friends on Facebook.

Monetary Transactions

Danceplace does not store any credit card or payment information on its site. All monetary transactions are executed through PayPal. Danceplace will never ask for, store, gather, aggregate, or otherwise access any of your financial information. Danceplace is not liable for any monetary transactions executed in relation to any of the services.


You are responsible for maintaining the security of your account's information, such as your Facebook password. You are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your account, including, without limitation, all actions by sub-users of your account. You are responsible for logging out of Danceplace fully after each session. In the event of a breach of account security, you are obligated to immediately notify Danceplace. Danceplace is not responsible for any loss, damage, or other liability arising from any unauthorized use of your account or through your failure to adhere to this section. In the event of any dispute between two or more parties as to account ownership, you agree that Danceplace shall be the sole arbiter of such dispute in its sole discretion and that Danceplace's decision (which may include termination or suspension of any account subject to dispute) shall be final and binding on all parties.

Data Collection and Use

Danceplace collects data for the purposes of using its services and providing results that align with your interests. For example, if you are purchasing a ticket, you will be asked for your name, email or other contact information, and any other information that is necessary for purchasing the ticket. Any information that is not necessary for the purposes of using the services

For business account users, this can include information about your business, the operators of the business, and services you offer.

Data Deletion

Any user can request the deletion of their data by emailing [ @] or contacting us through Facebook Messenger. The request will be processed within one week. Please note that deleting all data associated with you means being unable to access the services on Danceplace.